Deep draw applications

Deep drawing is a very versatile technique and used in many different applications of manufacturing. Deep drawing can be a very good alternative to turning and milling if quantities increase, it also can be a good substitute for products that are made out of bent sheet metal. There are some considerable benefits of deep drawing like cost savings in material consumption, easy scalable output and low production costs with very stable dimensions.

Deep draw infrared caps

Demanding applications were gasses need to be measured sometimes use Infrared analysis. Spectroscopy, radiometry, and pyrometry are some of these applications. Our micro deep-drawn caps and housings are often used to cover these sensors and let the light come in controlled via predefined openings. Materials are often corrosion resistant like stainless steel or from blends with copper, nickel, and chrome.

Deep draw components for defense and security

Deep drawing components for defense applications are often based on security applications. Measuring and detecting gasses or fluids requires detectors with high accuracy and extreme durability. Our parts are often used in an essential part of the equipment. Heat transfer, measuring light and protecting vital elements are just some of them.

Deep draw medical device components

Where ISO 13485 is the standard, regulations have made the medical market one where consistency and a single-use of products gain terrain. Micro deep drawing is perfectly suitable for filling this need. Many disposables are produced by deep drawing and are made out of materials stainless steel like 304, 316, titanium, or noble metals like Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium Rhodium or Iridium.

Deep draw housings for micro cameras

When cameras need to be used for intravenous applications you know there are not many options to create a freely formed 3d housing with demanding tolerances. Micro deep drawing can be a solution to this. With wall thicknesses of 50 microns and an accuracy down to a couple of microns, it leaves other techniques behind. 

Deep draw in automotive applications

New cars have a tremendous number of sensors built-in with all different functionalities. Deep drawing can be used to make housing for a variety of these sensors. Pressure, fuel, thermal and flow sensors can be built out of deep drawn parts. For autonomous driving newer techniques like Lidar, camera and radar also use deep drawing in her assemblies.Deep draw in automotive applications

Deep draw for aerospace

Reliability is key in aerospace. The repeatability and high accuracy make deep drawing perfectly suitable for these applications. For some special applications, quantities start already at 5 pcs.

For examples look here

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