How to design a deep drawn part

Deep drawing is a very popular method for the production of cups, box-shaped and other complex hollow products. Most design engineers have learned how to design a part for milling or turning, but designing for deep drawing requires a different view and way of thinking. Deep drawing belongs to sheet metal techniques like bending, cutting, hydroforming, roll forming, spinning, stretching  and stamping

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Deep draw applications

Deep drawing is a very versatile technique and used in many different applications of manufacturing. Deep drawing can be a very good alternative to turning and milling if quantities increase, it also can be a good substitute for products that are made out of bent sheet metal. There are some considerable benefits of deep drawing like cost savings in material consumption, easy scalable output and low production costs with very stable dimensions.

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Deep drawing vs Machining

Deep drawing is a kind of metal stamping and one of the most popular methods in sheet metal production. This article explains when you should choose deep drawing and how it compares to metal machining techniques. With deep drawing, a flat sheet can be deformed to a three-dimensional product. For a further explanation of the deep drawing technique please see this post.

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What is deep drawing?

Micro deep drawing is a forming technique where a metal sheet is deformed under mechanical pressure into a seamless three-dimensional shape.

A simple deep draw tool is based on 3 different parts. The Die, Punch, and Blank holder. The die has the same dimensions as the outside of the desired product. The punch, which as an opposite shape, is used to press the material into the die. The blank holder is used to keep the material flat and prevent wrinkling.

The starting material also called the blank is placed on the die and clammed by the blank holder with a predefined force. This force is enough to prevent wrinkling but still gives the material the possibility to flow inwards. The punch then presses the blank into the die, where at the end a product is formed.

Want to know how to design a deep drawn product? See this link

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Mubion wins Innovation Award

At the entrepreneur's day of the innovation festival, 2017 Mubion together with JPT and Sirius Medical Systems has won the third edition of Innovation Award. Together they have developed a magnetic seed for breast tumor localization. With this technique, the tumor is marked some days/weeks in front of surgery with a very small magnetic seed. The audience had to choose a winner out of three nominees with their smartphone.

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