Mubion wins Innovation Award

At the entrepreneur's day of the innovation festival, 2017 Mubion together with JPT and Sirius Medical Systems has won the third edition of Innovation Award. Together they have developed a magnetic seed for breast tumor localization. With this technique, the tumor is marked some days/weeks in front of surgery with a very small magnetic seed. The audience had to choose a winner out of three nominees with their smartphone.


The award was handed out by Wilbert Menkveld from Nijhuis Water Technologies, the winner of last year. On behalf of the winners, Ronald Reurink (Mubion), Mark Jansen (JPT) and Hubert Martens (Sirius) were receiving the award. The other nominees were VB-Airsuspension from Varsseveld together with Visser Leeuwarden and Hittech Bihca from Winterswijk together with ZEISS Germany.

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